Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ten Months (Maya)

It's been a while since I've updated about either of the girls.  Now that they are both so close to their birthdays it's time to start again.

Maya is such a sweet baby.  She still likes to cuddle me every now and again and I just LOVE it.  Sleeping at night has gotten a little better.  That endears children to their parents.  Maya has been going to sleep a little later and we need to work on that.

I'm hoping Maya's hair is starting to show signs of curling.  We'll see.  If not, it will be nice to have baby hair that is easier to comb through than curly hair is.  There rest of Maya is growing up pretty well.  She hasn't yet taken her first unassisted steps, but she does enjoy cruising along on the furniture or on a lounging parent: whichever is more available.  Her steps are getting a little faster and her valance a bit more steady.  I'm actually kind of excited for her to learn to walk.  I just don't want her to grow up.  I'm loving her babyness.

A favorite game of Maya's is what I call Climb and Drop.  She'll climb up the arm of the couch then fling herself down to the cushions we sit on.  It entertains her to no end.  Maya also enjoys spending time in the water.  Baths are great and she also loves the dishwasher.  I have no idea what the appeal is, but maybe it will mean she'll want to do dishes in the future.  I can dream, right?

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