Friday, May 20, 2011

Eight Months (Maya)

This month has been a really fun one with Maya.  She's getting up on her knees quite a bit more to try crawling, she's very vocal, and she's happy as can be.  Recently she's learned how to play peek-a-boo and that is endless fun for both of us.  It's about the cutest thing I've ever seen.  I'll post a video of it at the bottom.

Maya is measuring 28 inches long (about 83rd percentile).

Crawling is still of the army variety, but Maya keeps on trying to get onto her knees for real crawling.  She can get one little knee move out before she just starts pulling herself along again.  She's getting really fast.  Maya is also just starting to take notice that she can pull up on things.  It's mostly me so far.  Right now Maya can't get up very high.  She still struggles with putting herself in a sitting position on her own, so I'm not sure that she has the strength to really pull herself up just yet.  As soon as that happens I'll need to look out for her to start walking.  Yikes.

We're kind of wondering if Maya is differentiating between when she says "mamama" or "dadada".  Most of the time she says the latter.  It's just funny to watch her saying one or the other while looking at the corresponding parent.

Maya got her third tooth the day after she turned eight months.  Looking inside her mouth I can see the line of the jagged edge that will be her fourth tooth.  It's really close.  I expect it in the next day or two.  it should make nursing interesting.  I'm hoping she doesn't figure out the bite-and-pull trick that her older sister did. Ouch.

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